The time has come and you are ready to sell your home. Congratulations! This first brings an important question that needs to be carefully evaluated before making any decisions in the sale of Real Estate. Should you try to sell your home alone as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or hire a Real Estate Agent? On the front end, selling alone seems like a pretty sweet deal; you get to deduct a Realtor commission fee and therefore, maximize profits. As glorious as this may sound, on the backend comes a tough, grueling process of pricing, staging, listing, showing, negotiating, paperwork, and closing process that turns out not to be as easy as you thought. In this article we will discuss a few considerations that need to be taken into account before putting your home on the market.

Lets Talk Pricing

Pricing a home can be tricky. When setting a price, many homeowners rely on word of mouth from neighbors or an online estimate tool. The problem with word of mouth is a home down the street that sold for a certain price 9 years ago does not portray how the current local market is today. As well, online estimate tools do not take into account the extra luxuries your home may offer such as a valuable lakefront location for example. As local experts,  A Real Estate agent will provide an accurate price based on a comprehensive market analysis and current market trends in the area. Agents generally tend to find that sweet spot, not too high to and not to low. As professional negotiators, agents will help you get the most money out of your home, at a fair market price.

All About The Exposure

In a continuously growing world of modernization, sticking a sign in the yard hardly makes the cut anymore when advertising a property For Sale By Owner. With most buyers starting their search for a home via “The Internet,” The Real Estate industry has methodically increased to a staggering 92% online platform for all listings, marketing, and networking presence. Agents today are all interconnected in a network of home listings called the Multiple listing service. What this means for you is that when hiring an agent to sell your home, not only will it be advertised on this platform for every agent with buyers to see, but it is also channeled to all the major home search engines. Even better, the marketing does not stop there. As well, there is also a variety of strategies agents use to get your home more eyes. This may include open houses, flyers, social media presence, professional pictures and video, newspaper ads, and more. If your motivated to sell, and want to find serious buyers take a close at the following line:

More exposure equals more offers, and more  offers, equal more closings. Its simple! You make the choice.

Play it safe, Not Sorry

Agents have a fiduciary duty to work in your best interest, to minimize loss, and possible upsets. When it comes to selling Real Estate, careful attention needs to be taken into account for the transfer of Real Property. Disclosure of known details, negotiations, settlements, and financials, to name a few are all candidate for miscue. The best way to avoid a potential liability is to hire a Real Estate agents who pays special attention to the fine details, solves problems, and helps guide you in the right direction.

The Bottom Line

You don’t want to waste your time with bargain hunters looking for a steal. In the FSBO world be prepared to deal with the discount price offers and the  footloose flakers. Serious buyers hire professional help, why not become a serious seller with the professional help you deserve. Take a load off and let us handle the tough work. Before you know it, you will be happy you did. Start with coming in to see us, Moore and Co., Realtors, and ask us just how we can help you get your home sold safely, quickly, and for the best price.