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Deciding to sell a home is an exciting choice. It may also feel like a big decision, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Moore and Company Realtors is here to help you decide if conditions are right for you to sell. Whether you have questions about market conditions, pricing your home or your motivation to sell, we’ve got you covered.

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Market Stats for Russellville

  • 187827.41,189260.03,190889.35,194601.61,190858.10,189806.59,201890.03,220726.94,221725.16,227261.62,225604.53,220105.50
  • 161707.14,159386.79,171185.94,169815.20,150579.66,160428.75,181272.12,211585.34,165782.67,168797.18,170105.56,161772.98
  • 159900.00,159900.00,153950.00,139900.00,139900.00,144450.00,159900.00,168500.00,169900.00,179000.00,181950.00,179000.00
  • 137600.00,145900.00,149000.00,132700.00,129900.00,130425.00,161450.00,178450.00,149900.00,154900.00,155950.00,154990.00

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