The time has finally come in your life to make that big step in buying a home. Congratulations! As a first time home buyer this can be an exciting, but overwhelming experience. Here at Moore and Co., Realtors we would like to give you a few tips to help lead you in the right direction.

First Things First: Find Out How Much Home You Can Afford:

The first step in the home buying process is to first determine how much home you can afford. To accomplish this, schedule a time to meet with a loan officer who can set you in the right path. Here you will learn what type of loans are available, what price range you’re in, and then qualify you for a mortgage based on your personal and financial profile. Once your lender has prequalified you for a loan the next step is to decide where and when you plan to buy.

Things to Consider: Ask yourself These questions

  1. Where do I want to live? It is important to research the area you want to live that will best fit your needs. Do you want to live in a rural area with acreage or do you want to live in a neighborhood close to school, work, and shopping?


2. What Timeframe Do I have? Determining when you want to buy a home can help you plan now to be fully prepared when the time is near. This can help you plan your budget, emergency funds, furnishings, and more.

3. Am I ready to buy a home? Home ownership is a large commitment that may come with unexpected expenses if not prepared. Consider all aspects of your life, and future plans. When you are fully prepared to make the commitment, now it is time to find a Real Estate Agent.

Find an Agent That Puts You First

Trying to find a home without help, can be a long, complicated journey without proper direction. Choosing to have a Real Estate agent represent you provides true guidance in what can be a scary, stormy investment, typically the investment of a lifetime. Working with an agent means having a committed, personalized expert provide every effort into locating you the perfect home based on your wants and needs. While at the same time, Agents have the fiduciary duty to make sure the entire process runs smoothly and safely.

Choose Moore and Co., Realtors: No Home Left Unsold

At Moore and Company Realtors we know how scary it can be to buy your first home, especially without the help and guidance necessary for a safe transaction.

Where no home is left unsold our agents do whatever it takes to help you through this process from beginning to end. Exercising a genuine due care to all clients through every obstacle, we are here to help you make your dreams of owning your first home a seamless experience. As local experts of the home market throughout the River Valley, today may just be the day to discover the home you’ve always wanted.